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x4 golf league programs are easy to use, affordable and backed with excellent customer support.


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Free 4-week trial so you can thoroughly evaluate your program.

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Uncomplicated, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, 9 and 18-hole programs.

Custom Handicaps

Create your own or select one of ours. Average, index and manual methods.

Excellent Support

By email and phone. We will help you get started.

Low Cost

Only $55/year, unlimited players, subs, courses and rounds of play.

x4Golf Programs

Standard Golf League

Individuals or teams compete against each other. Match play, Medal play, Best Ball, Combined Scoring, Stableford, Quota, Scramble, Skins, Birdies, Net Game. Scorecards, Member login, etc.

Couples Golf League

Two couples randomly combine to make a team. Teams compete against the field. Different teams created each play but couples stay together. Lot's of fun and a great way to meet new people.

Golf Games League

For any number of players who wish to play golf at any time and at any course. Ideal for weekend foursomes. Individual or team competition. Play different golf games, skins, etc. Conduct a tournament.

Handicap Program

For those who only want handicaps and score tracking. Average and index methods, customization, tee adjustment, percent handicap, max handicap, net double bogey, scorecards, etc.

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x4Golf Screenshots

The following screenshots are from the Standard Golf League Program. This will give you an idea of how information is presented. Variations of these pages exist in the other programs. Click on an image to expand it for better viewing.

x4Golf Program Details

At x4Golf we provide online golf league programs that are easy to use, fast, reliable and with excellent customer support. There's nothing to download to your computer. The greatest benefit of using our programs is the amount of time you will save managing your golf league. The following provides a little more detail on each of our programs.

Common Features

Each program follows a similar format and look. You can play as 9 or 18-hole golf league. You can play as individuals, 2-player teams or 4-player teams.

You can add as many players as you like at no additional cost. You can allow them to log in to view league reports.

A player roster, team roster, sub roster and inactive roster are included.

A messaging app is included to allow league members to chat with each other within the program. An email system is available to administrators and captains for communications with league members also.

You can score by hole or by total score.

You can divide your league into flights.

You can assign players to up to six different tees.

Scorecards are provided with player names, handicaps and tick marks on holes where handicap strokes may be given.

Each program provides the same options for handicap calculation. You can create your own handicap system or select one of ours. Options are provided for both average and index type calculations. You can fine tune your handicap method using percent handicap, maximum handicap, minimum score requirement, adjustment for tee played, maximum hole score, etc.

Options for maximum hole score for handicap calculation purposes include:

  • Net Double Bogey
  • Double Bogey
  • Triple Bogey
  • Twice Par
  • No More Than 10 Strokes
  • Manual
  • None

You can score by hole or by total score.

To make things more interesting and fun, each program has options for side games on league day. All or selected players may participate in skins, a birdie game and/or a net game. Skins and birdies can be played as gross and/or net. Results are automatically calculated and displayed on the league report.

Additional options for your golf league include closest to pin, long drive, long putt, lowest gross score and lowest net score. Winners for these competitions are also included on the league report.

All of our golf league programs are full-featured, straight-forward, easy to set-up and easy to use. Help sections are included throughout each program.

We offer a free 4-week trial for each of our golf league programs. The trial program is the full program so you can thoroughly test it out before paying anything. If you decide to continue with your program, payment options are provided. You may then reset your trial program at any time to use for league play.

If you are new at starting a golf league, we highly recommend reading our article on "How to Start a Golf League". This article provides very useful information.

Standard Golf League

The Standard Golf League is our most popular program. This program is designed to be used by leagues where individuals or teams compete against each other according to a set schedule. Players are expected to play each week or have a substitute, although, there is a way to handle absent players. The program is highly automated so once you get set up there isn't much to do except enter scores from league play.

The program takes your set-up information and automatically calculates a league schedule. There are options to edit your schedule for any eventuality such as rain-outs, etc.

You may add position rounds and championship rounds which will automatically determine pairings based on point standings or you can set your pairings manually.

You can divide your season into halves.

Players are ranked by handicap so that the A-player on one team plays against the A-player of the opposing team, B plays B, etc. An option is provided that allows you to override the ranking system and rank team members however you prefer.

Our point systems allow for individual and team match and medal play. Stableford Scoring and Quota Scoring are also available. Team play includes Best Ball and Combined Scoring.

Golf Games Program

The Golf Games program is great for the weekend foursome or foursomes. It is also great for tournament play.

Any number of players can play at any time. Optional games that may be scheduled include:

  • Best Ball, 2 or 4 Player Teams, Best 2 of 4, Best 3 of 4
  • Quota, Individual or 2, 3 or 4-Player Teams
  • Stableford, Individual or 2-Player Teams
  • Combined Scoring, 2-Player Teams
  • Scramble, 2 or 4 Player Teams
  • Gross / Net, Individual
  • Net Score, Individual

A player signup function can be used.

Teams can be created by blind draw or manual assignment.

If desired, points can be awarded to the finishing positions and tracked over time. If points are not assigned, results are reported by finishing position rank. Hole points for Quota and Stableford are assigned as desired.

Gross or net scores may be used for game calculation.

Couples Program

In the Couples Program, each couple stays together and joins up with another couple to create a 4-player team.

Teams compete against the field for finishing position.

Couples may be joined together manually or by blind draw.

A couples signup function can be used.

Optional games that may be scheduled include:

  • Best 2 Balls
  • Cha Cha Cha
  • Chapman
  • High/Low
  • Quota Best 2 Balls
  • Scramble
  • Shramble
  • Stableford Best 2 Balls

Gross or net scores may be used for game calculation.

Scramble Golf League Program

The Scramble Program is much like the Standard Golf League Program. The main difference is that it is played as a scramble.

Teams of 2 or 4 players may be used.

Point options include match play, medal play and Stableford.

Handicaps are calculated by the team.

Handicap and Score Tracking Program

The Handicap and Score Tracking Program is exactly what it says. It can be used by individuals or groups of players to record their scores and calculate a handicap.

Results of each round scored are reported with both summary and detail information.